Rhizome (\ ʁi.zom \) is an interactive installation exploring the theme of "Memory".

Rhizome is an interactive installation exploring the theme of Memory.

The installation consist of a cabinet topped with a 8mm vintage Eumig projector, who continuously projects a random holiday film captured in the sixties.
The installation is activated by a motion detector that initiates all the devices, the original movie can be viewed.
As the visitors surround the installation, sensors analyze their gestures and their movements, when they detect that a picture or a movie of the device is being recorded, an abrasive mechanism is activated and the physical support of the imagery starts to slowly being deteriorated.
The information present on the film gradually disappears from its original support, but is now transferred to the digital memory of the viewer’s recording tools (phone, camera), which in turn can be used for a new narration or for the sharing on social networks in order to make this memory survive. If worth it ...

Rhizome can be seen as discreet and intimate installation which addresses the theme of transmission, memory, forgetfulness and the contemporary ways to transmit and engrave a moment.

Size : H150cm - L:130cm - W:28cm
Materials : Mixed media
Production : Mathieu Zurstrassen 2019 avec le soutien de la Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles, Fablab Imal et Imal Bruxelles.
Software : Martin Pirson