"UN" + "pri" + "DIK" + "tuh" + "BIL" + "uh" + "tee"

Device that allows physical unpredictability Online and in Meatspace*.
Comes with manual, Single use no help needed.
Soon available on Teleshopping

The device allows the user to become physicaly unpredictable Online and in Meatspace*.
Comes with manual, Single use.

The idea came from a postulate :

Since the early beginnings of the internet, humans or softwares have been collecting and storing most of our online activity. At least for most of us, they know A lot.

Predicting softwares are emerging and becoming more and more accurate, and we could speculate that in a close future, the softwares could predict what we would do even before the idea crossed our mind !

So how to counter that ? 
Here come the "UN" + "pri" + "DIK" + "tuh" + "BIL" + "uh" + "tee" device !

How can a software predict anything if your Brain has acquired a whole new way operating ? (Some call it lobotomy)

Nevertheless, the device is free to use at your own risk, but it’s main purpose is to act as a calalyst to start a chat about online Privacy.