/ləˈmɛnt/ Consists of three pipe organs, activated when surrounded by silence.
The device is connected to an array of 360° Pir Sensors, 360° Sonar Sensors, and 360° sound Sensors. I had the image of a machine or a being, hidden in the woods, weeping calmly, and when he felt a presence it would stop. Actually when you come close very slowly you can trick the sensors and hear the melody.
When activated, the system gathers the data of the surroundings (noise-shapes-movements) and stores it (logs) then when silence or calm arrives, the system uses the same data to create a windy melody.
Just imagine, a space filled with dozen of these !!

The work was made possible thanks to the support of "Transcultures" - Centre interdisciplinaire des cultures numériques & sonores : http://transcultures.be/

As well as " La Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles" http://www.culture.be/

Production : M.Zurstrassen 2020

Software : M.Pirson