528HZ, or Amulet incubator, is an installation emitting a 528hz sound frequency on an Fortune cookie.

528HZ is a Digital Amulet incubator.
The device continuously emits a 528hz sound frequency via a sophisticated microcomputer, located in its base.
The computer makes sure to keep the frequency perfectly stable and accurate, controlling the emissions every nanosecond.

The sound is diffused to the incubation chamber trough a high-end low frequency speaker.
The oscillation, also called: the "Miracle frequency" is worldly known to be a healing frequency and one that can repair the DNA.
In this configuration, the device incubates Fortune cookies in a continuous sound bath of 48 hours.
Now efficiently charged with the miracle frequency, the cookies are qualified to deliver good luck, love of prosperity to their future owners.
Size: 25x25x60cm.


Nathalie Bachand, Directrice des Savoirs @Sporobole Qu├ębec-CA, 24 Avril 2018.