"The all seeing eye"

Another Work In progress.
"QMD / X6" is a device borrowing the aesthetics of the arcade games realized by the Russian army during the Soviet era. These games were, secretly, intended to increase the ability of young people to fight. The proposed installation allows the user to control and direct a laser beam on a cylinder of modeling wax presenting the relief of the current political world. By means of the control commands, the user can thus slip into the skin of a combat drone operator and select an area to "eradicate, or not". The area is physically "destroyed" by the laser.
Depending on the angle of rotation of the cylinder and the positioning of the laser, a summary of the shot is printed on thermal paper. The data correspond to the demographic information of the place, the damage ranges and other succinct data present in the military fire reports.
Tags: Drone; surveillance; arcade game;
More info Soon!
Project funded by "La Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles"