Elsa On the Moon


(*): An act, statement, or gift that is intended to show gratitude, respect, or admiration.

Elsa on the moon is a tribute sculpture to Elsa Von Freytag Loringhoven, eccentric baroness, contemporary of Marcel Duchamp who’s ambiguously attributed the creation "Fountain", iconoclastic work of 1917.
Unless it is that of Louise Norton ?
The fact is that in recent years, "Fountain", already charged with a sulfurous reputation, also poses the question of the exclusivity of creation. In a time when we are beginning to reveal the involvement of the other "genre" in contemporary creation, Mathieu Zurstrassen seizes History as
element in motion, changing as with every perspective.
It is done to somehow give a shape to time, "Elsa on the moon" act as a pendulum that jumps every hour, like a little jump in a known and controlled landscape, it inaugurates a reflection on the real veracity of the creator. It tends to awaken what we thought was acquired, and in a joyful attempt, to consecrate creation rather than its author(s).


Tags: #Fluxus; #Dada; #Fountain; #Urinal; #ElsaVonFreytagLoringhoven
Mixed media: Arduino and electronics, Ceramic Urinal, Aluminum balanced structure.
Size: H: 190, D: 280, W: 140cm
H_Jump: 212cm
Production: Mathieu Zurstrassen© 2019
Music by: Nctrnm_-_"Flight".