KEOEEIT [/tʁ]_2019

KEOEEIT is the glittering Aurora during the period preceding the appearance of daylight in Eskimo language.

KEOEEIT is a sound and visual installation, it consists of a connected device that simulates the light phenomena characterized by colored veils present in the night sky at the poles during a strong geomagnetic activity.
The installation is fed with data coming from 13 observatories spread around the globe, at a rate of one day per second the device simulates polar auroras, with the scientific data evolving from 1932 to the present day.

_The project has received the valuable support of "La Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles"

Software development: Martin Pirson

Pictures 1-2 by StokkStudio, Andri Soren & David Baatzsch
Photoshoot provided by
Pictures 3-4 by Emile Tonnelier
Photoshoot provided by Garages Numé