«MARGARET» is an elaborate prototype of ’ESP’ or more precisely an; "Emotional Support Plant".She was designed by the eminent Professor Hamilton to fill her loneliness and converse with her as they both found themselves isolated in an undetermined cosmic area.
One day, after long cycles of exchanges and conversations, Margaret realized that Hamilton was on a no-return expedition. She then decided she would start to build her own “ESP” prototype .César18, will be the name of this project.

The installation:
"MARGARET" is a kinetic and sound installation automatically controlled by an Artificial Intelligence in constant evolution.The AI is a complex model of Neural networks modeled and trained for this project with scientific writings such as "The Origin of Species" by C. Darwin, Philosophical Writings, or even "The Meaning of Life" by the Monthy Pythons, among others inputs.
This content is used to feed the AI and allows the generation of questions and answers on these themes. C18 asks questions in simple binary form, then Margaret decodes and answers the questions with a synthetic voice in order to educate C18 to become an "ESP" worthy of the name.

As Margaret Answers the questions C18 (The artificial plant) gives feedback, moving along the 5 meter linear rail and pivots on the platform.
An Led Matrix translates the Q&A in real time in the desired language (Fr- Eng- Ger- Sp- Pt…)

The bottom line of the installation is to question the current status of what we still awkwardly call Artificial Intelligence, evoke the possible ability of a Neural Network to express Human like emotions like loneliness, and furthermore a human psychiatric disorder like; Schizophrenia.

The project has received the support of "La Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles" :
Is a coproduction with Kikk Festival :
And IMAL :

Software development: Martin Pirson
Variable size: Standard: 350 x 800 cm